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About us

The Stockman family, now in their 4th generation, are dedicated to prompt supply and delivery of our finest quality eggs at all times. Building and expanding on the traditions originally adopted by the company founders in 1923, The Stockman's are maintaining a local operation and bringing it into the 21st century.

Our poultry farm features over 60,000 laying Hens which produce farm fresh eggs for locals and interstate wholesalers alike.

Stockman's Eggs have grown with the region over the last 4 generations and are now one of the largest locally owned egg suppliers.

You are invited to drop by Stockman's Eggs and say G'day and start enjoying the benefits dealing with this local operation will bring.

Our history in images


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Egg Facts

For something so small, there sure is a lot to know about eggs. Here, you’ll find the answers to all those questions that have been keeping you awake at night. Like, 'how long do eggs last?' And, 'should eggs be refrigerated?' Along with lots of other information.

Our Farm

The Stockman's farm is no hobby operation. With over 60,000 laying hens and a factory of processing equipment and staff who ensure our eggs are all up to the highest standard, we are providing the local area and interstate with a quality product that everyone agrees - tastes great!

Our Eggs

When it comes to choosing an egg we have a few different options available. Our Stockman's Fresh Eggs are laid by hens that are cared for in the accordance with the Model Code of Practice for the welfare of Animals. We also have cage and cage free eggs.

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