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Eggs We Supply

When it comes to choosing an egg we have a few different options available.

Stockman'S Fresh Eggs

Our Stockman's Fresh Eggs are laid by hens that are cared for in the accordance with the Model Code of Practice for the welfare of Animals. Our Hens are housed in cages within climate control sheds. This makes for better disease control, protection from predators and significantly lower mortality rates. Cage Eggs are the most commonly sold eggs in Australia.

Stockman’s Fresh Eggs - CAGE FREE

Our cage free eggs come from hens that are free to roam within a shed that’s designed, amongst other factors, to keep them clean and healthy. Unlike Free Range hens they don’t have access to the outdoors but they benefit from the protection of predators and poor weather. This system requires greater monitoring to prevent disease and attacks from other hens.

Stockman’s Free Range Eggs

Our Free Range eggs come from hens housed in sheds that have full access to an outdoor range during the day. Hens are able to roam and forage outdoors but return to sheds for roosting, laying, drinking and eating. Strict attention is required to minimise disease and attacks from predators and other hens. Our Free Range hens have a stocking density of less than 10,000 hens per hectare.



About us

We have grown with the region over the last 4 generations and are now one of the largest locally owned egg suppliers in the region and with our commitment to the local farmers and outback graziers of the area with our egg supplies we are ensuring we will stay local for the next generations.

Our Farm

The Stockman's farm is no hobby operation. With over 60,000 laying hens and a factory of processing equipment and staff who ensure our eggs are all up to the highest standard, we are providing the local area and interstate with a quality product that everyone agrees - tastes great!

Egg Facts

For something so small, there sure is a lot to know about eggs. Here, you’ll find the answers to all those questions that have been keeping you awake at night. Like, 'how long do eggs last?' And, 'should eggs be refrigerated?' Along with lots of other information.

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